How to scrape metadata from file tags and file tags only
I have just started evaluating Kodi (well actually XBMC Gotham 13.2) as a potential replacement for my current setup. I have a moderately sized library; ~12,000 music files, ~370 movies and ~3,900 TV episodes and all these files have been meticulously tagged including artwork, lyrics etc. The file formats are M4A (mostly ALAC but some AAC) for audio and M4V (MP4) for video (yes my setup is Apple based and I do not want to change that). Sadly, XBMC seems to have fallen at the first hurdle; as far as I can see there is no way to get it to extract the metadata from the files when adding them into the library? Instead it seems to want to try and find the info from various Internet sources. I do want all the metadata to be populated in the library but I really want (indeed need) it to be my metadata from the tags not from some other source. I've searched in vain for a scraper plugin that will do this but amazingly no such thing seems to exist. I am a bit perplexed by this since it seems a fairly obvious 'must have' feature so maybe I have overlooked something or have not searched in the correct places.

Could someone please advise if this capability is present in XBMC/Kodi or some plugin.

For audio there is a setting to only use local tag info, but you'll need to have artwork stored with the music in a format xbmc can understand.

probably worth giving these a read.

Adding_music_to_the_library (wiki)

and read these for the video files, as i don't think xbmc / kodi reads tags for video files.
There is no function in Kodi to do this and I know of no plugin or addon that will do this either. That being said if you have some coding skills you could adapt this MKV tag scraper to your needs or write a script to iterate over your library, read the file tags and dump them into a Kodi compatible .nfo file.
ironic_monkey/notspiff has done work on this, and there is interest in following it up, but I don't think anyone has had time lately for it. One day, though, I'm sure it will happen. Internal metadata is bound to eventually catch on. I hope...
You can look at tagging software to see if it can export a text file. If so you may be able to create nfo file from the tag data.

scott s.
The Plex Media Server can pull out Metadata from m4v video files and feed that into XBMC by running a skin like Amber that works well with the add-on PleXBMC.
Add-on:PleXBMC (wiki)

Plex may be able to export Metadata, but I have not read that far yet, I might do some testing on my iMac setup......
This may still work:

Related thread here:

Thanks for all the replies. I am glad to see it is not just me who wants/needs this capability. Thanks especially to 'bandit' fir the code for the MKV scraper. This is almost what I need but the big stumbling block is that it seems the only information that Kodi passes too the scraper is the 'title' (filename minus path and extension) which is not sufficient to uniquely identify the file (well, it is in most cases but certainly not in all and even where it does uniquely identify it it will still need some significant directory tree search to locate the file). If only there were some way to get Kodi to pass the full path of the file to the scraper rather than just the base filename (sans extension).
any news on this front?

can´t be the case that kodi ignores perfect manual tags but instead uses wrong results from the internet.

is there meanwhile a solution for this problem?
Kodi can get local information for music quite well and does so automatically. You can force it by choosing the local scraper only.
For Movies, I have rarely seen good quality information in movie containers like MKV. You can create NFO files to store the data locally, Kodi will scrape that information too if these files are correct.

When scraping from the internet I rarely get wrong results though and usually it means you haven't named your movies properly for Kodi to recognise.
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