Issues with Music scraping

I have an issue with music is scraping, that's not pulling down the artist info...

As a test I set up a new installation of XBMC Gotham, with 3 albums, a Queen album, Any Winehouse and a Christmas Compilation album.

I've ran all three albums through MusicBrainz - and when I look at the tag values in MusicBrainz the files have values which look correct.

When i scan to XBMC music library, it finds Album art for everything - but it only finds artist pics for the Queen and Amy Winehouse albums, artist info for the compilation artists are missing.

When I right click on an individual artist thats missing and select Artist Information, it find the artist thumb straight away and after that it then always displays the thumbnail for that artist correctly.

What am I missing? Why doesn't it find the artist info for some items automatically? I cant see that I'm doing anything wrong...
OK, I've saved the log file here:

I'm not experienced in reading the log, but noticeably, I searching the log, I can easily find artist information downloaded for the Queen Album, but looking for Kylie who is one of the artists on the compilation CD I cannot find any references to the word 'Kylie', for some reason its not downloading compilation artists...
There is a setting to include all artists on compilations. Do you have that radio button checked?
Do you mean the setting "Include artists who appear only on compilations"?

That's already on, which I assume is the default.

I turned it off to see what happens - it seems to rearrange the Artist layout a little - but doesn't download the missing images (like Kylie for example)...
Leave "Include artists who appear only on compilations" set to on
From the Home screen > Music > Artists
When the artist list appears bring up the Context menu (Right Click on any artist from the listing)
Then Select "Query info for all Artists"
That works for me
Excellent - that did the trick - it found most of the artists, I can manually find the missing ones.

I don't understand why XBMC does not do this in the beginning? Why is it a separate option separate from the library settings?

Thanks for your help anyway!
I am not sure also, but I found that works when I seem to be missing a few artist details.

When I have ripped some new CDs I generally place them in a sub-folder and scan them into the library as follows
Home > Music > files
When I have drilled down to the relevant sub-folder "Scan item into library"
That generally works.

Maybe the problems arise when people scan items into the library from the album listing. Maybe it then scans the album details without the artist. I remain unsure.
Would have to see all the file tags to get a better idea of what was being scanned.

scott s.
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