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HOW-TO configure two NICs in one PC to share internet connection
Problem fixed. after endless hours this is what worked for me.

The 2 NIC configuration Tutorial that works (AkiraGT).

on your PC:

1. Make sure IPenableRouter is set to "0" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Tcpip\Parameters

2. If you have a 3rd party Firewall such "Zonealarm" turn it off.

3. Make sure bolth of your NICs are visible in your "Network Places" which can be found on the left when your viewing the "My computer" window. Rename your Internet connection to "Cable" or DSL (which ever you have) Then rename "LAN" to "Xbox" (if you haven't already).

on your XBOX:

1. setup which ever dash you have (Evox,XBMC,etc) to use Static

IP =
mask =
Gateway =

then save and exit, reboot and leave running (if XBMC is an app make sure XBMC is running)

Back on your PC:

1. Navigate back to "Network places"

2. in the left of your window click on "setup home or small office network"

3. Click next, next, then select the top option. "This computer Connects Directly to the Internet" then click next. Highlight your Cable or DSL and click Next. leave the names and click Next. Leave network group as "MSHOME" click next. Now if you have done what I said you should see "Xbox" at the bottom of the settings. Click next and Windows will atomatically set your NICs to work properly with ICS.

4. Reboot.

Back on your Xbox.

1. Change your Static to DHCP and reboot your dash or XBMC. (may take a few times to reload untill DHCP displays new IP).

2. You should now have an internet connection. You may now use RSS feeds, weather, SHOUTcast Radio.. blah blah blah. Under XBMC it is a good Idea to run system info/network just to make sure your xbox is recieving the internet.

3. grab a beer.. you deserve it

NOTE: you may re-enable your 3rd party Firewall (Zonealarm) but make sure you set it up to use ICS or your xbmc wont connect.
Nice tutorial. Post it in the manual. It's an open wiki. (link in my sig.)
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I'd add it to the Online manual but I don't know how Eek you are more thean welcome to add it for if you'd like.

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i just got your mail just saw this looks like you didnt need my advice as your done lol
hehe.. yea, thanx.
After alot of hazzle everything seems to be working, except the music vids but I can live with that

great tutorial man


PS theese setting seems to require that the http proxy is turned off
Thank you, and your correct. Http Proxy is not needed.

HOW-TO configure two NICs in one PC to share internet connection00