[REQUEST] Syncplay Add-on
Hi folks,

I've recently discovered a really handy, free & open-source app called Syncplay (http://syncplay.pl/) which allows 2 people in different locations to view the same video in sync. It seems pretty simple and lightweight, and interacts with "MPC-HC, VLC, mplayer2 and mpv" so I would assume it should be pretty easy to integrate into Kodi - but unfortunately I don't have a clue how to even begin! I have an above-average understanding of how all of this works, but I don't know the languages required to write an add-on.

I have a good friend in Canada and we watch a lot of the same TV shows, often in sync. If I could integrate this into my Kodi setup it would be incredibly useful for us. I'd be happy to help with any testing or anything else I'm actually capable of Smile I'll put a similar request out to Syncplay at some point to see if they can engineer their own Kodi add-on, but having seen what you guys are capable of I'm sure there's someone here who can help! Smile
Hi Stev. It should be possible to get Syncplay to work with any media player with a decent API.

Syncplay's source code is available from http://github.com/Uriziel/syncplay and is primarily in Python, which is a relatively easy language to learn. Adding Syncplay support for additional players essentially requires the creation of a Python script that implements https://github.com/Uriziel/syncplay/blob...ePlayer.py and then referencing of this script in https://github.com/Uriziel/syncplay/blob..._init__.py (and then updating the script whenever Kodi's API changes in a way that breaks Syncplay support).

I comprise half of Syncplay's two-person programming team, and am the only who who is currently doing any programming. I would be happy to support work to add Kodi to support to Syncplay, but I don't have time to add Kodi support myself as I only work on Syncplay as a hobby in my spare time and don't have any experience of how Kodi works.

A third party called tari has made a start on adding XBMC/Kodi support to Syncplay as can be seen at https://bitbucket.org/tari/syncplay but it doesn't yet work and he hasn't been developing it recently (note: the current code is based off a slightly older version of Syncplay). You might want to get in touch with him to see if he is interested in working with you on the project.

tari identified a few barriers to proper integration between Syncplay and Kodi during his work, and I have hopefully addressed all of these issues in the latest development branch of Syncplay. If any other problems are identified then feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do.
There is a number of plugins including mine that can sync playback between multiple xbmc instances.
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I would also like to see a Kodi add-on developed for Syncplay, it's the best tool I've found so far for watching content in sync with other users on the internet.
Some more work has been carried out on this feature by tari at https://github.com/tari/syncplay/commits/kodi-support - see also https://github.com/Syncplay/syncplay/pull/77
Very cool, looking forward to this.

For right now I just use MPC-HC and instant message my friend back and forth as we watch stuff together, but it's still a really enjoyable experience.

I noticed on GitHub that chat is being worked on as well, that would really complete things for me if it works in fullscreen as an overlay (similar to how emulators with multiplayer network support do it). The thought of being able to type in a message without switching windows and having it display onscreen along with the video would really bring the experience together.

Anyway, I love this program Smile

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