NFS setup for multiple machine system - MySQL necessary?
I'm putting together a multiple machine system - server plus 1 audio box and 2 audio/video boxes (more details here

I have been trying to get UPnP working to mixed sucess and then started down the path of the MySQL tutorial here:

I've gotten an NFS share set up on my server box and I can mount it from other machines nicely. Then I realize that on each of those other machines I could just mount the NFS share containing all my media, and run the whole thing from there. (I have not, however, tested that hypothesis.) Assuming this works:

* host all the media on my server
* create NFS share of the media folder
* mount the NFS media share on any other machine
* add the NFS share as an audio/video source to generate the library

What purpose does the MySQL database service serve? Is it just to ensure that each machine shows my watched status, bookmarks, etc? If those aren't important features for me (right now), is there any reason not to do the simplified approach I mention above?

That's exactly what I'm doing because I don't (really) care about keeping what's been watched between machines. Each KODI box just runs it's own (non-MySQL) DB.

Now, it is a bit of a pain to "tweak" each machine's library to match (e.g. I have custom Movie Sets). However, I think if you set one up, export the library, and set the next one(s) up with the same NFS mounts, you can import the library and be done.

Dealing with new stuff is another matter...
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