Cant load picons and cant change tags (Solved)
Has anyone manged to add picons to tvheadend on openelec? Im running a chromebox on openelec 5.0, And using the tvheadend backend addon bundled with openelec. Also i dont seem to be able to change the channel tags. If there is alread one in there from mapping services, I cant change it. The dropdown box is empty instead of showing the list of tags. Anyone having any similar problems.

EDIT: Had to do a full install again, But this time tags are working fine and picons shown first time.
Did you have Tags enabled, which can be checked?

On kodi on Ubuntu 14.04 I configured the picons under System / Live TV
There you could deposit a folder where you put the picons into.
I`ve managed to sort the channel tags issue out, thats all working fine now. But cant get picons working. I`ve tried pointing tvheadend towards ///storage/picons on the general tab on the tvheadend web interface. I`ve also pointed kodi towards the same foler with picons inside. I`ve also tried renaming the correct picon to the channel name, That doesnt seem to pick them up either.
This depends on how many channels you need to configure the Channel Icons for but this is what I did:

-Web interface of TvHeadend server
- Configuration > Channel/EPG > under the User icon window title > double click the blank space for the channel you want
- I used the .png channel icon http links from Wikipedia for my icons. Paste the http links in this window.

You only need to set these up once and use the TvHeadend client default settings for all Kodi clients then.

Also in Kodi then do this: Live TV > Menu/OSD > reset above settings to default.


I`ll have to do them manually then. 560+ channels is gonna take some time.
If you have picons named correctly (after the frequencies rather than the channel name) then mapping is automatic through the tvh web interface; turn on the HTTP server (image caching) and Kodi should just pick them up. Emphasis on 'should', as I've hacked around so much over the years that I can genuinely no longer tell how things got to where they are now...
If you're picons are stored in "/storage/picons" you must enter "file:///storage/picons" in tvheadend. After that you can select all your channels on the Channels tab and select "Clear icon", that will make tvheadend rescan the icons.
I`ve got the picons set to file:///storage/picons, I`ve clearer icons, But the picons refuse to show. they do work if manually added.
Does the "icon URL" field on the channel tab get populated after you clear the icons and save?
yeah it gets populated. This is what gets replaced for 4Music picon://1_0_1_2EE0_7F8_2_11A0000_0_0_0.png
Have you checked that the icon exists on disc, that you have the image cache enabled and if the icon is visible in the EPG in the web interface?
I see this thread is marked as solved, what was the solution? I'm having a similar problem where channels with spaces in the name are not linked correctly, what was the solution here?
I just did a full install again, Plus there has been a few updates to tvheadend since.

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Cant load picons and cant change tags (Solved)0
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