Kodi With Serviio
Hi, I wonder if anyone out there can suggest the best way to achieve Kodi to Samsung TV remotely with Serviio.

Here is my current setup;

1. Samsung ES series TV connected to home WiFi. Also have a Google Chromecast plugged into the TV.
2. Win 8 PC in a different room to the TV with Kodi Helix, Serviio, ffmpeg etc
3. Nexus Android

I understand that Kodi is designed to be connected directly to the renderer ideally via HDMI etc. What I am trying to do here is access XBMC remotely from my Nexus and select a movie to watch from one of the plug-ins (usual fusion ones). Then via Bubbleupnp on the Nexus select either the TV or Chromecast as the renderer and then play the movie I am playing in XBMC or have added to a playlist/library.

I have had a solution working with Kodi on the Nexus and modified the playercorefactory.xml to stream the video via LocalCast to the Chromecast. The issue is that I need transcoding to work and the Nexus is not really up to the job of transcoding (with Bubbleupnp paid version) and streaming without lots of lag etc.

So really I suppose I am asking the gurus out there, please can anyone advise in regard my set up above what would be the best way of remotely accessing Kodi on my PC to then somehow have whatever movie I select from any plug-in stream and transcode if necessary via Serviio to either my Samsung Smart TV or Chromecast so that the movie is watchableHuh I am on a 2.4GHz N network.

Thanks in advance for any welcomed suggestions and apologies if there is a solution somewhere in these forums that will work for me that I may have missed while looking.
Sorry, there is just no integration from Kodi to Serviio. Kodi doesn't currently have any transcoding currently built in either as you probably already know. Kodi can share the library via UPnP, but if the endpoint can't handle the file directly you are out of luck. The Android Kodi remote YATSE has the ability to stream content to Chromecast and other UPnP devices, but I have not tested it very much.
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