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Windows - New user, love it, some questions
Hi all,
I have taken the plunge and installed Kodi over the last weeek with the view to replace the buggy WD Live TV Media hub that I have using so far. My main complaint were the random errors I got such as losing WiFi settings, need to reload full library, need for reboots and misc random shut downs halfway through stream. This combined with lack of functionality was enough to look further.

So far so good, I am test running it on a laptop in my office pushing the sound out via USB DAC to my receiver. Audio quality is fine, video seems fine and there is a ton more stuff that can be configured to suit my needs.
I now have a PiPO mini Windows 8.1 pc on order with the purchase to use that in the living room setup together with a NAS, also on order.

Couple of simple questions:
- When installing on the Mini PC can I simply take the content from my laptop AppData folder across to the new install? Would make configuring the new install a breeze as opposed to resetting screensavers, options etc. I understand that I would to rescan my library as this moves across to the NAS in the next days.
- I can't seem to be able to launch music from the favourites list. Is there a setting I need to configure for this? Had a look at the XML on the wiki but not entirely sure if I am missing something.

Thanks guys and thanks to the dev guys, great product!

Henk, UK
Feel free to ignore the "favourites" question, must have been a minor glitch. Removing and re-adding items now works like a charm.

New user, love it, some questions00