FireTV: AAC 5.1 not working
I'm using a FireTV with PLEX. I recently started using the latest Kodi release as my player. While I can get DTS, AC3 sound to output just fine in 5.1, AAC files that are 5.1 only do stereo. I have confirmed the files are in 5.1, and that they play through my Chromecast in 5.1, so it is not an issue with the file. Also, the stereo on AAC is occuring with both .mkv and .mp4. Anyone know why this problem would only occur with AAC or how I might fix it?
Under settings, put speaker configuration to 2.0 and then enable Enable Dolby Digital transcoding
That will transcode AAC to DD on the fly ... AAC passthrough isn't supported AFAIK
That did it, thanks for the help Smile For anyone else with this problem that finds the thread, turns out the Number of channels setting in audio output is for the PCM channels and not the number of speakers you have set up.
When you say to change the settings, are you referring to to the Kodi, Plex or FireTV settings ?
Kodi settings. Aac 5.1 works well for me too. My receiver shows DD 3/2/1 since it transcodes to dolby digital
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No luck with DD5.1 or DTS for me. I have my audio channels set on 2, Optimized, Passthrough, and then DD, transcoding, and DTS selected. Any other suggestions?
I have the same issue. I tried all the combinations - no luck.

Also, I am not not able to update the Audio Output Device which is greyed out.

My previous posting:
I am new to KODI - XBMC etc. I recently bought an Amazon Fire TV and downloaded XBMC 13.4 Gotham. I use HDMI to connect to an Onkyo AVR which connects to a projector.

Initially, when the input audio source was AC3 5.1 or AAC - it was converted to Dolby and my AVR was playing correctly. For the DTS sound source, no issues as well. I was able to stream music from my Samsung device through XBMC localhost through the AFTV and it was playing the music as Dolby 5.1 through my Onkyo Receiver with great sound quality.

I had some video issues recently and was advised to upgrade from XBMC 13.4 to Kodi 14.2 which I did. It took care of the Video issues but introduced an Audio Conversion issue, If the input audio source is AC3 or DTS, it works fine. But the AAC audio sources are not getting converted to Dolby and just played as 2 channel stereo. I tried all the settings like Enabling Pass through, Enable Dolby Digital Transcoding, DTS capable receiver . tried all permutations and combinations. Nothing works.

What am I missing? Anyone had similar issue and fixed it? Please help.
Im on a new Firetv Stick 4K and was only getting stereo from the AAC 5.1 source and then put speaker configuration to 2.0 like suggested and I started getting 5.1 audio but the audio was tinny with lots of high pitched pops making the audio pretty bad.

I then changed the Resample quality from Medium to High and it sounded perfect with better low end as well.

For the heck of it I switched it back to Medium and the pops were gone but the sound got tinny again and lost the bass again. May just need to power cycle everything but for now leave speaker configuration at 2.0 and set Resample quality to High.

Maybe the speaker configuration should be greyed out once you select passthrough mode to stop tinkers like myself from wrongly setting this speaker field?

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FireTV: AAC 5.1 not working0
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