Issue Moving the MySQL database
I've been running XBMC (12.4 I think) for a year or so now and I just recently updated it to v 14. Everything went relatively smooth and I've got it syncing to my MySQL database as it was doing in v12. I'm now trying to move the majority of my VMs to linux instead of MS and I'm having trouble getting the MySQL database to work after it's been migrated. All other databases work just fine. I have setup the exact same user and the exact same password and it just wont' connect. What's weird is that even if I just try and create a fresh database it won't work. Then I just connect it back to the windows server and it works just fine. I was thinking some sort of firewall on Ubuntu Server but all my other websites and services connect back to the new SQL server just fine. Anyone have any thoughts? All the Google and searching brings me to is how to migrate from some other database or a local database to a MySQL instance, not just moving the MySQL database from one server to the other.
No one?
Could definitely be the firewall....wish i could help but im not sure man...going through my own messed up issue though, so you're not alone brother! xD
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Issue Moving the MySQL database00
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