Fanart background on the home screen is not working
The backgrounds for both my Movies and TV categories are blacked out. Ive run Artwork downloader several times and can confirm that it is downloading artwork just fine. I am not sure where artwork is being stored for this skin. On other skins, the artwork was put into the respective movie or tv show folders. I have no idea where this stuff is going on Rapier. The Fanart/Extrafanart shows up just fine once I enter these two categories.

Anyway, in the skin options, when I set the background for these two categories to Fanart, nothing shows up. The screen is just blank.

I've uninstalled Kodi and reinstalled it. So far, no dice.

*Btw, Gade, I am using that other version of the skin you sent me to test that PVR thing.. I didn't have this issue before that.*

*Edit: I switched to another skin to test out the fanart backgrounds on it...and it doesnt work either. Ill try reinstalling XBMC again and installing all the requisites for Rapier on my own *
Screenshots below

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Hi SheHatesMe.

Really nice touch with the screenshots Smile

You should try checking out other skins using script.grab.fanart for fanart backgrounds in the home screen to see if they have the same problem. Most skins which have the feature with the changing fanart backgrounds use this script.

To check this look in the skin folder for the file addon.xml which contains the line <import addon="script.grab.fanart" version="0.xx.xx"/> I know Aeon Nox 5, Bello, Black Glass Nova, Nebula and reFocus use this script.

I think maybe it's a caching issue. I know somewhere in the forums are a link to a texture cache utility, which could help you cache the images.

EDIT: Also, I would really like you to try installing the official Rapier again to find out if it's a problem in the update (you can always install the new version again afterwards). You can download the official Rapier here.
Hey Gade, you were right. I tried Aeon Nox 5 and its the same problem.
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Cool - that is great to hear (not that you have a fanart issue, but that it's not skin related) Wink

Then I think it might be a caching issue.
Okay, I fixed it. If anyone else comes to you with this issue, I just used the tool found here:

What I did was just run c movies, c tvshows, and c music

It fixed all of my Fanart Smile
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I knew the utility was to be found somewhere in the forums, and it's a great tool Smile
So I have the same problem.

First the music fanart background was black. Then I did the cache method as told by Shehatesme.

Did the ./ c audio instead of ./ c music because music doesn't excists .
It did a lot of caching with 2 errors

Cache pre-load activity summary for "addons/agenres/vgenres/albums/artists/movies/sets/tvshows":

| banner | clearart | clearlogo | discart | fanart | landscape | poster | thumb | thumbnail | TOTAL
Cached | 20 | 21 | 21 | 9 | 447 | 18 | 32 | - | 576 | 1144
Deleted | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | 0
Duplicate | - | - | - | - | 463 | - | - | - | 63 | 526
Error | - | - | - | - | 2 | - | - | - | 2 | 4
Ignored | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | 306 | 306
Season-all | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | 0
Skipped | - | - | - | - | 66 | - | 3 | - | 43 | 112
Undefined | - | - | - | - | 1177 | - | - | - | 1243 | 2420
TOTAL | 20 | 21 | 21 | 9 | 2155 | 18 | 35 | - | 2233 | 4512
Download Time | 00:00:05.57 | 00:00:15.21 | 00:00:06.62 | 00:00:09.22 | 00:01:40.80 | 00:00:06.46 | 00:00:00.44 | - | 00:03:09.74 | 00:04:38.22

My Music is on a NAS.....

Now there is only one image which is not changing.....I searched everywhere but cant find it.

Ok something is happening . I can see some random fanart. Like three or four images and then goed black again....wait approx. seconds and three or four images..

Here you can see what I mean
fwiw, I never got the music fanart to work (I didn't update my post) lol. I just gave up on it for now. My music is also on a NAS. Everything else is on the NAS too but started working after running the script.
|Kodi: Nvidia Shield 2019|Media Server: Unraid 40TB|TV Tuner: HDHR Prime|Server Apps: TVHeadend w/ Cablecard (FIOS), Plex (Kodi backend), Radarr, Sonarr
Just wanted to say thanks! I had a similar issue of just _some_ of my movie fanart rotation showing up as a black screen instead. The texture cache tool has fixed it!
I am having the same issue with the Rapier skin from official Kodi repo (screenshots above mirror the exact problem). Started a couple weeks ago. I ran the utility, which appeared to work fine, but made no difference to my problem. Other skins that use fanart do not have this problem- tested with Aeon Nox 5 and it displayed all fanart with no issue.

Here is what I've tried:
-Running Movies cached fine; most tvshows came back fine but it did show like 273 errors.
-Changing the skin. Other skins don't have this problem.
-Reinstalling Rapier skin.
-Restarting Kodi and the Pi.

Nothing has changed. Running Kodi 15.2 via Openelec on a Rpi 2. Files on a NAS using a shared mysql database.

Any help would be appreciated!
Hi napsack and welcome to the forums.

Rapier swithed from using script.grab.fanart to for fanart backgrounds in the latest update.

I did so to add many additional fanart types: instead of only global random/recent before, you now have individual random, recent, in progress and unwatched. And also to minimize the number of add-ons needed for the skin.

Do you have the issue with music fanart?

Try going to Skin Settings > Backgrounds > Music / TV Shows / Movies. Here you now can select the fanart type to use for the backgrounds. You can try switching between the different options to see if it solves your issues.
The preview image shows the fanart images.

Let me know how it turns out Smile
Thanks for the welcome!

When I go into Skin Settings > Backgrounds > Movies/TV Shows I see the option to change between random, recent, in progress, etc. It was set to random, though changing it to any of the other options does not solve the problem. Oddly, the preview window in the "Customize Backgrounds - Movies/TV Shows" screen correctly displays and cycles through all fanart, but still not working on the home screen.

On the home screen, for both movies and tv shows, I get a random working fanart every so often, but mostly they are black.

I don't use Kodi for music, so I can't verify if that is working.

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