Android Buffering Problems And Oddities

I noticed that while streaming a High quality movie (21 Mbps/22GB file) - my internet is currently 25/25 Mbps and my Fire TV is WIRED - I noticed that on a wired connection playing a high-quality MKV resulted in buffering every 2.5 minutes or so randomly.

I then tried to increase my cachemem to 103 MB.

I used the cachmem function..along with the <buffermode>1</buffermode>

This made stuttering much more commonplace and horrible (with a lot of buffering) (usually with buffering either on every skip/getting stuck at 10% after 5 minutes then playing for a good 2 minutes then getting stuck on a slow buffer all over again).

Then I pretty much got rid of cachmem...and finally just about gave up...

Then I tried JUST WI-FI only (Full bars) - and this ended up fixing all my buffering issues .....HuhHuhHuhConfusedConfused

Confused as hell how wi-fi trumps WIRED...I seriously just do not understand. Can anyone at all (Ned I hope you know), perhaps let me know why on earth this was the case?

I have buffering when skipping (but its pretty fast) and Wi-Fi seems to almost alleviate buffering in intense motion sequences that are prominent during WIRED...very confused. Very...utterly confused...

I know that increasing my cache is the last way to go about can anyone perhaps help...explain this weird nonsense?
Tried another Fire TV box right in my room on wireless (with the router in the next room about 10 ft away) this time plugged directly into my Home internet router as well (with ethernet) - and it performs exceptionally using ethernet/SMB of the same fact it barely buffers while Skipping..I'm beginning to suspect something fishy here...any hints anyone as to why this could be?

The one in the living room (OP topic) is connected to a 10/100 walljack (with an ethernet socket) that in turn wires upstairs where the actual router is and connects to it directly....The one downstairs in my library (next to my room) does the same thing....just possibly using a different ethernet to connect to the upstairs router....anyone have any suggestions why 2 ethernet connections in different parts of the house connected directly to Fire TV could be causing different buffering issues (1 with buffering issues - the other completely without on wired)?

Very odd.
New Update:

I took the fire tv from the living room - and tried it in my room with a router in a different ethernet wall socket - performs flawlessly - like wired should. So it is NOT a hardware problem with the Amazon Fire TV (which I would have hated very much).

It seems very likely that the problem rests with the actual ethernet wall socket in my living room...either the socket (with the ethernet plug) is damaged...or the wire behind it - running to the router upstairs is damaged..or even potentially a SPECIFIC port on the router upstairs is damaged...I didn't test the latter aspect...(about the upstairs router port being bad). least its not the Amazon Fire TV or the ethernet (patch cables).
I unscrewed the wallplate with the 568B quickport Leviton Ethernet jack...will run a speed test on the jack....not sure how yet.

If anyone out there can help me...would be great. I still cannot believe this issue is with the jack itself on my confused. Watch me plug in a laptop and it gets full speed....
Bump -

Okay folks...

I tried changing the ethernet jack...I even changed the ethernet im at a severe loss. I made sure everything is fine with the wire behind the ethernet port on my wall plate...can anyone..anyone at all please shed some light why Wired is still worse than Wi-Fi in terms of playing a movie?


thank you
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