Music Album Info Ignoring album.nfo
Is it intentional album.nfo files are being overwritten in the music database by individual track tags? It seems to me that the information is being pulled from the first track of an album's tags rather than the .nfo file.

For example, if I have duplicate tracks in my library, which happens quite often with Greatest Hits compilations I tag the track as "duplicate" to stop multiple versions clogging up playlists. The rest of the album and the album.nfo are tagged with whatever the overall genre may be (e.g. New Wave). If the duplicate happens to be the first track of the album then Album Information will show the genre for the album as "Duplicate" rather than "New Wave", therefore taking its reference from the first track not the .nfo file.

It also seems that the compilation setting is only recognised if the first track of the album is tagged with "various artists" as the album artist. So, if the album.nfo file includes <compilation>true</compilation> this seems to be ignored if the first track of album isn't tagged as various artists.

I understand this probably affects very few people and I could change the way I tag tracks, but it doesn't seem right that if you deliberately create or edit the album.nfo file to organise albums this will be overwritten by the first track's tags when you do a library update. Perhaps there is a setting I'm missing or an advanced setting I could apply to change this behaviour.

This is happening regardless of platform (apple TV or Windows), I'm using Kodi version 14.0 with "Local Information Only" as default service and the override song tags with online information unchecked.


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Music Album Info Ignoring album.nfo0
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