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Freezing during video playback in Kodi v14.0
Hi, please see below for a description of my setup and the issue; debug logs are below that. If this is a known bug in v14, just let me know; I did search but didn't find anything specific. Appreciate any help.

Setup: Kodi v14.0 running on Windows 7. Media on NAS connected via SMB with cache setup in advanced settings.

Issue: Video playback freezes seemingly randomly, although it seems like certain files may be more affected than others. I did not have this issue on previous versions of Kodi/XBMC. Once playback resumes it either a)continues normally or b)stops caching and stops the video once the cache reaches zero.

Debug Log#1
Tried to replicate issue as quickly as possible. Freeze occurs ~22:37:45 to 22:38:45. Playback then continues but it is no longer caching. Playback finally stops at 22:39:42 when cache is depleted.

Debug Log#2
More extensive log; played 3 files.
  • File #1-Playback froze twice but was able to play file to completion.
  • File #2-Played fine without freezing.
  • File #3-Unsuccessfully tried to play back 3 times
    • [1st attempt]: playback froze shortly into file. When it continued, it was no longer buffering and stopped shortly thereafter.
      [2nd attempt]: Same as first attempt although the freeze point was a bit later in the playback.
      [3rd attempt]: Played back a bit longer before freezing this time. Ended up freezing one more time until playback stopped shortly thereafter.
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Freezing during video playback in Kodi v14.000
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