mobileXBMC 2.0
mobileXBMC 2.0
by Sindre Sorhus

Download it here!

mobileXBMC is a very fast and simple webcontrol to XBMC, and with a lot of features. You can use it on a PDA, Computer and Cellphone (but with Opera Mini on the cellphone (sorry guys, it just couln't find a way to select music, pictures and videos without the ASP script, and I also had to use frameset)). You can use whatever connection you want as long as you can connect to the web withit (wlan, gprs, 3g, umts, or whatever...).

Try the demo here
You can only look at it, because it have to be on a Xbox to work.


Current functions
- Too many too write here, just try it out for yourself or test it in his demo.

Known bugs
- The left and right trigger remote doesn't work, therefor it isn't added.
- I had to use frameset to remove the OK message from XBMC, somebody got another solution? mail me.
- Both the ASP and the frameset make it impossible to run mobileXBMC on a wap cellphone.

Extract the .zip file, and drag the "web" folder into the XBMC folder on your XBOX.
Remember to enable webserver in your XBMC settings.

You can add and edit the "Launch apps/scripts" meny, by opening "appsmain.html" in f.eks notepad, and

either edit one of the links that already is there, or copy one of them and then change it.

Use it
When you're ready, try it by going to http://IP:Port/
Use the port you chosed in the XBMC webserver settings.


You can find your IP by visiting this page:

If you have a router remember to open/route the port of your xbmc webserver

If you have any comments, questions, bugs, ideas, or something, contact me on:
[email protected] with XBMC in the subject.
Nice work, Wink

[Image: sollie.gif]
Thanks Smile
will try with opera mini

thanx Smile
Sorry for a lame question but does it work paralell to the original Webinterface ..?
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Yes, but don't owerwrite any existing files.

If you are asked to owerwrite any files, just put the mobileXBMC in another folder inside the WEB folder.
Hi, mobileXBMC 2.0 is now located at under the Other subpage.
Anyone know where to find this now? link doesn't work...
The link two posts up from yours seems to work fine...
maybe I should have described the problem a bit better.

The 'other' section on the website below nolonger works. I can only assume the site has been changed. Consequently I can't find where to download the app.

Anyone know where I can get it?
The other section seems to work fine for me. Just downloaded it from there...

And here I was thinking a resource-optimized version of XBMC was being created to deploy into the fledging "multimedia disk" market just coming up.

I have, so far, seen over a dozen HD boxes that can connect to the TV, play a slew of video formats and they all seem to be fighting among them to provide the worst possible interface.

Currently I have a Freecom MediaPlayer/MediaGate 350 WLAN that seems to just lack a decent software to drive the contents. Now the 450 version is right around the corner with hardware support for all the formats XBMC currently supports.

It's frustrating that, once all that CPU load is moved to process-specific chips, that the XBMC can't be installed in these machines and make them run as a proper Media Center should.

This is not a bad idea yet it seems nobody believes XBMC could be the Symbian of the Multimedia HD.

Has this been done somewhere and I missed it? I have looked everywhere without any luck.
is the file not there anymore, cuz i cant get it
It is still there. In a few posts down from the original there is a new link.
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