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Hello Kodi TV forum,

so, I'm getting a 100mbit Internet connection the day after tomorrow, I have a Bravia KDL40ex725, and I have some terrabytes of movies, of which the fewest are full HD, except some. I used to watch my movies from an old core duo laptop that sits below my TV. It bothers me, mainly its fans, and I am giving it away. I cant throw it away, so I decided to send it to friends in India who are as excited to get my old hardware as I would be if the last best thing I had was a pentium 4.
Now, my TV doesnt support what is nowadays called 4k nor my media does, but nevertheless I was trying to buy something that equips me for the future, I was literally pulling my hair out, these last few days, sifting through all the info provided here.

EDIT: I want to use my box as a NAS too, so gigabit ethernet and usb3 was essential for me.
EDIT3: I couldnt care less about wifi, since I have proper cat5 cables everywhere

I was seriously eyeballing an android 4.4 system with the new RTD1195 vs older RK3288 or generally one of those random Chinese alpha chipset "things" (M-195, Eweat 902, MELE X2000, UyeSee T1H, maybe the VidOn Box or even the Zappati 4k player to name a few) mainly for its price and promised value ratio.

Long story, short and I guess you all know where this would lead, I bought an intel NUC i5 with 8 GB ram and a SSD after comparing with a chromebox.

No patience for experiments and frustration really.

I will probably mostly run openELEC on it, but have it dual boot win8 also.

So all I wanted to say is thanks a lot for this thread, it helped me a lot in the decision making process. Aswell as these threads.
EDIT2: the wiki was also very helpful:

Happy viewing.
Suggest that you consider not recommending/listing that VidOn box in this sticky from a team member.

Main reason for not recommending it here is that they use closed source external player instead of Kodi's internal video player and as such promote closed source workarounds. And being listed in a sticky here by a team member is a endorsement, no matter how small, so please only endorse manufacturers that uses open source versions of Kodi without closed source hacks. The same goes the suggestion of adding any RTD1195 based boxes to this sticky list, as those boxes also use closed source external players instead of Kodi's internal video players.

Also, Vero is more or less just a rebranded CuBox-i, so if you list it you should really list CuBox-i too
This is a list of forum threads, certainly not a recommendation or endorsement. I have no idea where you read that, or got that idea from.

I've added CuBox-i to the list. Thanks for pointing it out.
(2015-01-30, 16:24)zag Wrote: This is a list of forum threads, certainly not a recommendation or endorsement. I have no idea where you read that, or got that idea from.
As this is now a sticky made by a member of Team Kodi in the official "Hardware for Kodi" forum, so I hope that you can understand that some people might see that as an recommendation or endorsement from Team Kodi when only a few devices are listed/linked in this sticky while many others are not.

This sticky will probably be the first newcomers to Kodi sees when they visit these forums looking for device recommendations. And I am even willing to bet that quite a few manufacturers would even be willing to pay you to add their devices to a such list if it is not already listed.

I'm not saying that you intended it to be an official recommendation or endorsement thread, but without very clear disclaimers it can certainly be interpreted that way.
Does anyone know of a box that supports Component video output? I currently have an MX3 box, but I need Component. Id like for it to be quad core and to run atleast as well as the MX3 box.
Thank you
It is not a full list nor official, but I am surprise the AFTV box is not listed while the stick is... :-)

Nevertheless, good job and thanks!
AFTV (non-rooted + Kodi)
WD My Book Live NAS
Zotac CI321 seems interesting, don't know if there is already an thread for it.

It's BI320, not B1320 like written in 1st Post
| myHTPC |
It is interesting as it's an ULV Haswell CPU(vs LV in the other Zotac on that page and Celeron Chrombox), which means it won't be as fast. Not sure how the GPUs compare or heat, but I think this model with be better at it, thought I doubt it's fanless. Also, at least in the states the prices for the barebone kits are similar to barebone models with the more powerful LV U series Haswell CPUs.
The BI320 don't have an IR Sensor like the CI321, that could also be an Reason for the CI.
| myHTPC |
Zotac CI321:
- Intel Celeron 2961Y / 1.1Ghz compared to 1.4Ghz in the BI320 or Chromebox
- Intel HD Graphics (Haswell) with 10EU's which can dynamically clock to 850Mhz compared to 1Ghz in the BI320 or Chromebox
- includes Wireless: WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0 which the BI320 does not include.
- IR sensor Included.

This would be a good Haswell microarchitecture Kodi box, one which can also be VESA mounted behind the TV.

Quote:Enjoy quiet computing in a palm-sized form factor with the ZOTAC ZBOX CI321 nano series mini-PC. The ZOTAC ZBOX CI321 nano series mini-PC features a special passive-cooled chassis that eliminates cooling fans to create zero noise for a peaceful silent computing experience.


If I were to go fanless I'd wait for Core M(a cpu I with there was an NUC version of) as it offers better gpu vs the Celeron models, and CPU performance closer to the Haswell i3U(or it is i5 Y series). Then again price maybe the same as the Broadwell i3 NUC.
Please update with ASRock Beebox, HP 260 G1, and Nvidia Shield Android TV:

Maybe add a few NAS boxes that come with HDMI outpout and Kodi too?

And also remove VidOn as they got banned as a sponsor for bad behavior.
Thanks, updated.
The Nvidia Shield Android TV link should point to it's Android thread: not the Hardware thread (general discussion).

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WeTek OpenELEC box? Not sure if it's classed as a Play or not?

Kodi thread:

WeTek OpenELEC:
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