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@zag, can you add under "HiMedia Q5", the new HiMedia Q5 Pro / Q10 Pro? Thx.
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I would maybe nuke some of the boxes on the list, or at least move them to an "older devices" list.

For example, the OUYA. The hardware is still fine, but the instructions on installing newer Android OSes is not for new users. In other words, it's fine if you already own one, but I would not recommend it to anyone buying things from scratch.

Same reason for Boxee.

Likely others too, so it would be a good idea to go through the list.
Yep agreed, will take a look soon

Thanks for this device list. The issue with the Android TV box I currently have is that it doesn't fully shut off, but apparently only goes into standby mode. So I need to unplug the power cord completely when I'm not using it, because if I didn't it would run super slow. It's an Octa Core Android TV Box.

With my old Boxee, I also needed to always unplug the power when not using so it would run well when I did use it. I never have this issue with Apple Tvs.

My question is, does anyone know of any devices that support Kodi but can also be turned off completely without having to unplug the power cord?

Would really appreciate any insight here, thanks.
- Added Xiaomi 4K HDR 'Mi Box'
Anyone have any info on the Remix I/O and the rockchip rk3399
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WeTek Hub missing from Post#1

Added the 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake NUC's which are just starting to hit the market
MINIX U9-H (AML S912) Added:

Vero 4K Added:

How about moving this list of popular devices the Kodi wiki instead and remove the forum sticky so that the list can be updated more often and maintained by more people that just the original poster?
Please add Solidrun imx8

Original reason was because people kept making new threads and didn't check the wiki so much beforehand. I'm not a mod any more so can't keep it up to date, but someone else can Wink
Erm, please take a look at the title of this thread "Popular Hardware List".
Then read this from an experienced LibreELEC Kodi developer:

(2018-03-06, 00:41)lrusak Wrote: I would advise people looking for a new system to stay away from I.mx8 for now. It will probably need a year to mature.

Please explain how any shiny brand new box should make the Kodi sticky Popular Hardware list. One that has no Kodi review and no one that I know of has ?
Lets not get ahead of ourselves here.

@Rocker C, surely anyone can make a Wiki page and hotlink into various threads or reviews splattered over the internet. Why should we remove an easy to find reference index sticky from a Kodi forum.
Not many people seemingly even read the Kodi Wiki when you look at what those needing help are asking sometimes.

What is a Kodi Wiki??

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