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Hi folks

Just wondering if it is possible to get around the fact the fanart for albums only shows artists. I have a large soundtrack collection and would like to show movie fanart rather than the artist.

I don't mind adding artwork manually to each album, but I tried and read various things and cant seem to figure out if its possible.

Are you wanting movie fanart in your background while browsing for music to play or are you wanting the fanart to play like a screensaver when listening to music?
I was really just thinking of background images while browsing the albums, like what happens in the tv or movie.
I can get artists fan art to work, but for a lot of albums (like soundtracks or some classical albums) this isn't really appropriate.

But the fan art screensaver sounds cool too...
Yeah you might want to experiment with some of the heavier skins. I use Aeon Shednox Helix, (Aeon Nox 4 based, link to thread below) and it allows you to assign a specific path for muti image back drops for all your browsing modes. I created 3 separate folders on my hard drive... Movies, TV Shows and Music. Each folder has all my stored fan art for that specific type of media. I could easily tell Nox to use my movie folder under the Music Menu options. Give it a try. If you need help with navigating the Aeon Nox menus, shoot me a PM and I'll walk you through it.

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Thanks for that I'll check it out

I've just tried Aeon Shednox Helix and it does it great. Just add fanart.jpg into the album folder and it show up in the background of the albums when browsing.

Only wish the default confluence skin did this, Aeon is a bit OTT for my simple brain.

Must be easy to script if I only new how!!!!!!

Cheers for the advice

Yes definitely works ,My XML mod works for Aeon Madnox Kodi Leia beta 5 tested,Album specific Extrafanart art works and also album specific clear logo for film based soundtracks and compilation Music Albums,if you are interested just let me know ,I can share images too.
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