Bug -  VU+ plugin problem with raspbmc
Hello, i use vu+ plugin with xbmc on windows and i select only one bouqet but when i try the same setting in raspbmc i have "connection lost".
When i deselect "only one bouqet" on raspbmc all work but the importing it's very slow because there are a lot of channel and epg.
Is there a solution.
I use the last kodii update.
Make sure you enter the bouquet exactly how it is on your lists

Quote:Fetch only one TV bouquet: If this option is set than only the channels that are in one specified TV bouquet will be loaded, instead of fetching all available channels in all available bouquets.
TV-Bouquet: If the previous option has been enabled you need to specify the TV bouquet to be fetched from the settop box. Please not that this is the bouquet-name as shown on the settop box (i.e. "Favourites (TV)"). This setting is case-sensitive.
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In kodi on windows it's work while on raspbmc i have connection lost Sad
I have same problem too,i run kodi on windows and work perfectly,when i do that on raspbmc i have connection lost error.if i remove "Fetch only one TV bouquet" he sems to work but he take too long for receive information from vy+
similar problem here.

channel switching times on kodi @windows are 1-2 secs.
channel switching times on kodi @openelec are 10-12 secs.

seems like vu+ addon is buggy with new kodi versions ...
Same problem here...

Anyone reading here can explain why this happens?

Regarding the bouquet problem: Maybe you could provide debug logs from the openelec & the windows machine, then we can compare them...
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Sames problem with my box.
I have named the bouquet "edison"


I do have an Argus pingulux running HDMU (used here) and a VUDuo with the VTI 7.x image.
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VU+ plugin problem with raspbmc00