EPG showing strange language
I have Tvheadend 3.4.28~geb79aee~trusty as backend and Kodi 14.0 as frontend.

Since I have encrypted channels (Canal Digital Sweden on Thor 5/6 at 0.8°W) I installed oscam and it work OK.
One thing that I don't understand is why EPG & program info & subtitles mix together for some channel.
For 'Nat Geo Wild Europe' there are following specifications:

11,785 H
SR 30000
FEC 3/4

ChNo 19
SID 4805
VPID 1173
APID 4147 E, 4236 Hu, 4237 Cz

I entered that mux manually - with information above - and on Kodi that channel shows:

1. EPG is in Hu or Cz language
2. Program Info is in danish
2. Subtitles are in swedish which is OK

As EPG Grabber I have specified OTA EIT:DVB Grabber
Can anyone help me out - I am totally lost ...
When I checked the service details in Tvheadend for 'Nat Geo Wild Europe' I got this information:
PID Type Details
1173 H264 25.00 Hz
4147 MPEG2AUDIO eng
4236 MPEG2AUDIO hun
4237 MPEG2AUDIO cze
6536 DVBSUB rum (0001 0001)
6597 DVBSUB dan (0001 0001)
6598 DVBSUB swe (0001 0002)
6599 DVBSUB nor (0002 0002)
6653 DVBSUB fin (0001 0001)
7178 CA Conax (0x0b00) [0x00000000]
7179 CA NagraVision (0x1815) [0x00000000]
7180 CA CryptoWorks (0x0d02) [0x00000000]
7181 CA CryptoWorks ICE (0x0d97) [0x00000000]
7182 CA 0x653 (0x0653) [0x00000000]
7183 CA Conax (0x0b02) [0x0000000

As I understand - have limited knowledge about video streams - is that the transponder send the video stream with 5 different embedded language packages.
6536 - rum
6597 - dan
6598 - swe
6599 - nor
6653 - fin
and somehow they are mixed together when Kodi shows the video stream.
How can it be done that only PID = 6598 swe is shown.
Don't really know if it is a Kodi or Tvheadend problem.

I can't be the only person having this problem ...
Appreciate any help.
You must specify your language preference in tvheadend, it's on the General tab.
Kiitos - it works just fine ...
Now when the language works I still don't get the channel logos - neither in EPG or channel list.
I have specified Update channel icons in EPG Grabber / General config.
Also I specified a logo folder (with logos from LyngSat) in Kodi Live TV/TV-Settings/Menu/OSD.
What do you recommend ?
The "update channel icons" under the EPG grabber settings doesn't work, there's no point in having those clicked. The filenames must match the channel name exactly for Kodi to find them, have you checked that?
The names didn't match - that solved my problem.
I have still a question that I haven't solved ... actually I have a bunch of them but this is more urgent, in Kodi I used addon Backup to backup my settings but how do I create a backup in Tvheadend.
All files are stored in /home/hts/.hts/tvheadend, copy that folder and you're safe.
Thanks again ...

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