preconfigured kodi before compiling?
(2016-02-11, 12:09)irlam Wrote: I have this working perfectly (after a few hours playing around testing e.t.c)

"basically requires the SDK, API level 15, build tools and Android studio" < Thanks voguemaster for the tip on how to get this to work

please could somebody help me add extra download urls to this app

example. > new-backup old-backup test-backup etc.

Im currently working on a multibuild version im just confused as to the zip file structure its downloads my zip but doesnt extract them any ideas?
Testing Kodi home at: /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi
Found Kodi via userdata dir!
Setting Kodi/XBMC home to: /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi
Trying URL:, filename:
Successfully downloaded to: /data/data/org.settingsdeployer/files/
Unzipping to destination: /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi

This is as far as i get on the apk. It detects just fine! Willing to pay the dev for some assistance or guidance !
I know this is an old thread.

But the deployer is working very well for me.

I would like to add a new dimension to it though. Is it/would it be possible to add a "fresh start" script that runs before the deployer / download and extractor does it magic?
(2015-02-12, 21:03)voguemaster Wrote: I'm guessing being able to compile a new APK with your new settings and stuff will work, somehow. It might require some code changes into Kodi but I guess it is doable.
But, I don't think that's the real way to go.

We have a guy in our forums (not here..) that provides a simple Kodi installation with skins, addons, etc. He manages to do that by installing the software and then installing his
pre-configured package. Since everything in Kodi (settings, addons, thumbnails, whatever) is located in the user directory it is relatively easy to just unpack a pre-configured package
that has XMLs with all wanted settings, addons, etc.

If you configure Kodi once, just zip the whole content of Kodi's storage dir (you can find in the wiki, if not, post here). When you want to install, just unzip the whole thing to the same place. Essentially, this is what the backup addon does.

For Android though, it would of course be much easier to have this process automated. So, I've created a small Android app to do just that. It is currently set to download the other guy's package I mentioned but of course the project is open source and can be changed. Easy enough and doesn't require a lot of knowledge in Android compilation.
(basically requires the SDK, API level 15, build tools and Android studio).

Look at my GitHub repo:

I was wondering if voguemaster could contact me. I would like to develop this apk further but I need his help or I need an android deverloper who maybe able to help me

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