Kodi 14/15 freezes after upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Few weeks back i upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS while still running xbmc 13.2. I went ahead and also upgraded xbmc 13.2 to Kodi 14. After that, i started having major issues with Kodi, it would play for 15-20mins and then would just freeze the whole application.
I had to use kill -9 PID* to get out of Kodi all the time and restart. Kodi would play for a little while then freeze again.
I troubleshooted for close to 3 weeks until today.

PID* - Process ID Number

I went ahead and reloaded Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, reloaded Kodi 14.1 and voila its working beautiful, no more freezes or hangs. I thought i would share the fix with everyone in case you are facing the same issues. Uninstalling and re-installing KODI does not help either.

1. Reload a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
2. Reload Kodi 14.1
3. Load any of your required softwares
4. You should be good to go.

Hope this helps others.
i really struggled for weeks with this issue.
I just installed a fresh ubuntu 15.04 and then installed Kodi stable 15.0 from the official repo with apt-get. The first time it started just fine but since then every time i start the whole system freezes. Only REISUB helps then...
What do you mean by reload exactly? Any idea?
Thanks in advance!
1) Uninstall Kodi and try to load an earlier release...like 14.1 release
2) latest version of Kodi may not be such a good idea
3) See if that helps.
I won't uninstall Kodi....as uninstalling and using an older version is never a solution. You could help things getting better. So I would provide a logfile after this happens. Maybe a system log or at least the kodi.log stored unter:

Agreed, reverting to an older version is not the best solution. I suspect the new Ubuntu version is clashing with the new Kodi 15 code somewhere.

This is the release i am running;
1) Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
2) Kodi 14,2 Git:7cc53a9 (Compiled Mar 27 2015)

Going for the latest code on Ubuntu and Kodi may not be the best choice to maintain a stable system.

Hope this helps you.

debug_log (wiki), please - it's the only way to know what's really going on
Also install gdb and if you need to kill process, then kill with kill -6 pid

You should then get a crashlog with a stacktrace in your /home/userdirectory which you can pastebin.

Also v14 is no longer developed so any issues should be reported against v15 (current release) or v16 (current development) so that if a bug exists can be fixed there.
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