Kodibuntu on ARM
I would like to try kodibuntu on my wetek-play.

I cannot find out what kodibuntu exactly is.
Is it a Ubuntu without Desktop but with Kodi running directly in X?
Somewhere is mentioned it's "kodi compiled in standalone mode". what exactly does this mean?
Since Kodibuntu isn't available for arm, is there any guide on how to compile my own Kodibuntu?

Kodibuntu is a customised OS using Ubuntu as its core. It boots directly into full-screen Kodi by default (as you suggest), but you can exit out and go back into a normal Ubuntu desktop if you need to run browsers, office applications, admin tools, or similar.

So, compiling it for a different architecture is no small feat.

Standalone mode, as stated in the wiki (Kodibuntu (wiki)):

Quote:5.3 Media center

XBMCbuntu contains XBMC for Linux compiled with the 'standalone' mode, this enabled certain functions that are not available in normal XBMC installations (Windows, Mac Linux), these functions include Power Management, and Network Management.

If you just want to boot into Kodi then OpenElec is probably the way to go. If you can run it from USB then it would leave the default OS untouched should you wish to revert.
use OpenElec on the wetek. You'd be surprised how hard it is to get ubuntu even to boot on it.
Well, I already booted an ubuntu image. It basically worked. I installed Unity, which I hoped to be a gui convenient for TV. But it wasn't.
I think it would have been a matter of setting up plain Kodi for having everything you need.

I am experienced with u-boot, so it shouldn't be a problem to boot from any media.
I only need a serial line extension Wink Already ordered an RS232-to-USB converter.

Finally openelec works as espected. wow.
So trying different systems would just be for fun...
booting a image that was made by someone else is not what I meant. I mean its hard to _create_ a working image.
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Kodibuntu on ARM00
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