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(2015-02-14, 18:00)da-anda Wrote:
(2015-02-14, 12:58)afedchin Wrote: @da-anda - I mean what renderer uses values reported by video processor Min/Max and Default and then use two ranges Min-Default and Default-Max depend on current post processing settings. Why processor doesn't accept some values? I don't know. Need a more investigation.
Ok, just tested the very same thing with Helix 14.1 and it's working there with DXVA2 enabled - so it seems to be related to your changes (or DX11). Here is a debug log of latest build (from today) where I tried to change the contrast setting.
Thanks for latest log. It trows light on problem. So, processor reported what possible values of contrast is
Filter 1 has following params - max: 2, min: 0, default: 1
Processor accepts only integer values. See here https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library...s.85).aspx . So we have three possible values 0, 1, 2. I don't know how can we control this more accurately. And video processing in DX11 is more like DXVA-HD than "classic" DXVA. As I know ATI/AMD doesn't implement support of DXVA-HD in their drivers. And as we see AMD doesn't care about video processing in DX11.
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