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Strange. Nothing critical changed in this part. Does issue exist with prev build?

In your log device was changing three times within three seconds: from initial 9800GT to GF210 (at 19:14:27), then back to 9800GT (at 19:14:28), then again to GF210 (at 19:14:30). I know what Kodi freezes during recreating all resources but I can do nothing with this. DX11 implementation uses much more resources (textures, buffers, states) which require recreating after changing adapter.

(2015-02-26, 20:32)thecYrus Wrote: just found another thing. switching to fullscreen-mode (alt+enter on windows) moves kodi to the screen which is set as primary in windows. it doesn't stay on the screen where it's active.
You can change monitor in fullscreen-mode in the Kodi settings.
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