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As I did not find this option on my control panel I did some reading on this and it seems that nvidia removed almost all settings from the stereoscopic 3D setup tab. It used to look like this

but it seems they removed the "hide 3D when game starts" and also the "select when display is in 3D mode" options according to https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic...is-gone/1/
Fortunately, I could use the registry to disable the option (page 2 in the thread) and will try again later.

so I tried it and everything is normal with default fake fullscreen enabled. Setting current mode to hardware based, the screen turns back and comes back on, i get the xbmc notification but the TV does not turn to 3D. Playing a Movie gives me just a normal picture for one eye (as if watching in monoscopic mode) disabling once more freezes kodi: http://pastebin.com/xb9AuqHv

If I disable fake fullscreen and set current mode to hardware based I am back with the blurry red picture and the "actifacts" in the background. Playing the movie renders it correctly (without the "artifacts" as far as I can see) in red/cyan. http://sprunge.us/OLiW
The second time i tried with diabled fake fullscreen I stopped the video, 3D was turned back off and I had the screen flicker all the time until I closed kodi: http://sprunge.us/fXGU

I think red/cyan is what I set the driver to in the nvidia control pannel. I don't know where I can set it to the TV hardware mode since the switch for it is gone in this driver. It just says "3D vision discover" greyed out.
In the setup utility I can choose between
USB-IR-Emitter and Glasses
ProHub and Glasses
Discover-Glasses (<--- this is red/cyan)

since the last option is the only option where you dont need sepcial hardware I chose this.

Any more tips on what to try?!
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