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WIP Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
(2015-06-20, 14:40)Shine Wrote: Is there a reason why you replicated the DX9 behavior "minimize-on-losing-focus" in the DX11 version, although not necessary?
There are a lot of people who use Kodi with single display and your desired behavior will cause a lot of pain to them. Kodi will work as currently. There will be no specific code for dual displays.

(2015-06-21, 18:59)NEOhidra Wrote: Kodi cannot start using KodiSetup-20150614-7bce580-dx11 (Jun 14)

Hardware: Windows 7 64bit, NVIDIA GT540M, driver-version 353.06
Debug Log:
Description: Kodi wont start because of: "ERROR: Unable to create GUI. Exiting."
Please wait next build. This already fixed.

(2015-06-21, 20:07)Martijn Wrote: @afedchin
i left my test rig playing videos for couple of days. Just checked and it stopped working.
Could be that's an older build but who knows the dumps may be still of some use
Will take a look.

(2015-06-21, 20:07)Martijn Wrote: Care to rebase so i could build a new version and try?
Sure do it asap.
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