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I've been having crashes, but only when idle or playing music for an extended period of time. I thought maybe it was the screensaver so I turned that off, but it still happens. Last night I deleted all my debug logs and let Kodi run overnight. When I looked again this morning it had crashed again and my debug log was over 2 mb. It's too big for pastebin, so I uploaded it to my server, along with the crash dump and stack trace. Any ideas?

Here's where it appears to crash...
01:16:27 T:9864   ERROR: exception in CApplication::FrameMove()
01:16:27 T:9864   ERROR: Previous line repeats 10 times.
01:16:27 T:9864   ERROR: CApplication::FrameMove(), too many exceptions

After looking at the log again it might be related to the PVR WMC addon.


xbmc_crashlog-15.0-RC1 Git_20150702-3e5bfb6-20150707-011628.dmp
xbmc_stacktrace-15.0-RC1 Git_20150702-3e5bfb6-20150707-011627.txt
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