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WIP Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
European blurays are 24.0 fps
US / worldwide blurays are 23.976 fps

Ahhhhh. That explains a lot. The confusion(s) stem from posters based on their location regions and I'm in the US.

A TV most of the time only shows 24, but maintains two modes 23.976 and 24.0 hz

So, does this mean when my TV switches refresh rate from 60Hz to 24Hz, even though it flashes a change pop up to 24Hz, it's actually switched to 23.976 (matching my 23.976 title)?

- on windows you see the first as 23 hz and the latter as 24 hz.

I'm using Windows with a desktop resolution of 60Hz. When I play a title, my TV switches from 60Hz to 24Hz. I check my Nvidia control panel to see what my GPU has switched to and it displays 23Hz. Should it display 24Hz? I have read, W8.1 in particular, has a bad habit of switching to 23Hz instead of 24Hz. Is this why people have suggested downgrading to W7? If so, I may have a workaround.

It is absolutely no issue to playback 23.976 fps with a Video Reference Clock running at 24.0 hz. But only if(!) you resample audio.

I passthrough audio to my AVR. Should I be resampling some other way somehow, so I don't have issues?

For passthrough audio and 23.976 fps content, it is a must that video clock runs at 23.976 fps, the TV runs at 23.976 hz so that the audio and video stay in sync (no drops / dupes) (alternatively you can play 23.976 fps at 59.94hz 3:2 pulldown).

What would I change to obtain 3:2 pulldown. Would I need to force 60Hz for my GPU?

Thank you for enlightening me.

I should add in Kodi:
Match refresh rate is enabled. With it disabled, my TV does not switch and remains at 60Hz as does my GPU. Is this 3:2 pulldown?
Sync Playback to Display is disabled. I've found that with it enabled, Dolby TrueHD malfunctions with random audio drops.
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