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Mmh - your comments don't make sense, sorry :-) I can't write it clearer I think but I try:

Quote:I'm using Windows with a desktop resolution of 60Hz. When I play a title, my TV switches from 60Hz to 24Hz. I check my Nvidia control panel to see what my GPU has switched to and it displays 23Hz. Should it display 24Hz? I have read, W8.1 in particular, has a bad habit of switching to 23Hz instead of 24Hz. Is this why people have suggested downgrading to W7? If so, I may have a workaround.
Perfectly fine. The switching is - like many other things - only an AMD catalyst issue.

Quote:What would I change to obtain 3:2 pulldown. Would I need to force 60Hz for my GPU?

3:2 pulldown is the only solution for people that don't have a 23.976 or 24.0 mode. Why should you - with a valid 23.976 mode force anything?

For your settings:

Adjust Refreshrate to match video: On Start / Stop
Sync Playback to Display: Disabled (!) because you are using passthrough - if you don't use passthrough anymore set this to enabled.

All fine on your hardware - nothing needs a change.
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
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