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WIP Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
(2015-08-21, 13:53)afedchin Wrote: @dml3334
Make sure what you enabled vsync in AMD Catalyst Control Center or vsync is Unless application specifies


I have just tried in the AMD Catalyst Control Center:

- In Video Playback -> Enforce Smooth Video Playback
- In "Gaming - 3D Application Settings" ->Wait for Vertical Refresh: "Always on" and "On, unless application specifies". OpenGL Triple Buffering: "On".

In Kodi, I selected "Adjust Display Refresh Rate": On start/stop and "Sync playback to display": On and Off.

But, the tearing still appears.If I press "O" when I have selected "Sync Playback to display", the counter "missing" increases several times per second...
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