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(2015-08-24, 10:03)fritsch Wrote:
(2015-08-22, 09:45)afedchin Wrote: @ciukacz
How did you control frame rate? Your HD4400 is more than enough to render anything in Kodi. I have not any issues with rendering in Kodi on my HD4600 which is similar to yours.

Disable any enhancements in Video Playback section of AMD CCC. And decide what you want to using "Adjust Display Refresh Rate" or "Sync playback to display". Both this settings are mutually exclusive

That last statement is not correct. Mutual Exclusive are: Sync Playback to Display _and_ Passthrough Audio. Cause when we sync to the display, we try to keep the "clock" of the display in order to display perfectly smooth video wise. As this might not match the audio, which is always wallclock, we need something to with the audio. In passthrough case, we could only "skip" and "dupe" audio - but this you will hear quite heavily. So in that combination "Sync playback to Display" makes only sense when the audio can be altered to match this perfect playback -> passthrough audio needs to be disabled.

In a perfect world, when a video is perfectly 23.976 fps and the display clock is also perfectly 23.976 hz - Sync Playback to Display won't harm - but as you see - in a perfect world, when all clocks fit together nicely this Sync to Display would not be needed.

Adjust Refreshrate to match video instead finds the best matching rate. E.g. on screens that only have 60 hz and 59.94 hz a 23.976 fps movies would switch Refreshrate to 59.94 hz and we would do a 3:2. This will introduce small "issues" - but in fact many people cannot see them. So in short: Adjust Refreshrate to Match video makes _always_ sense. Sync Playback to Display cares for a very smooth display and makes always sense when audio can be resampled (e.g. passthrough is disabled). The other edge case "when everything is perfect" I described above.

On the other side: Sync Playback to Display is always good when you don't use passthrough audio. As we get a perfect picture while audio is adjusted.
The only question i have is there a major difference in sound quality when decoding audio via PC instead of the receiver?

I seem to have issues with the receiver decoding ( videostutter randomly )

Edit: quality seems to be the same, however i use 5.1 setup but the receiver supports up to 9:2. Now when i'm letting the PC decode should i put 5.1 or 7.1 on kodi settings?
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