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WIP Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
(2015-07-20, 15:05)Shine Wrote:
(2015-07-12, 00:57)bluechris Wrote:
(2015-06-29, 09:18)Shine Wrote: "Always on top" means it stays topmost, it won't minimize the instant you try to do anything else with your computer, or if e.g. another program pops up a message box.
Yes, people have been asking for this for years, but it wasn't possible in D3D9 - with DX11 it's possible.

@afedchin did you had time to see what @Shine says here? its very crucial for me also since in my dual monitor setup i get always panning in windowed mode and in full screen mode my browsing monitor becomes useless since if i touch anything in it kodi or isenguard minimises.

thx for your great work.

(2015-07-12, 12:56)afedchin Wrote: @bluechris,
I'll definitely take a look asap.

Now that DX11 is merged into master, I will rebase and PR my changes against master. This will take till late August or September, though, since I'll be mostly afk for a while due to work and vacation. Also, I want to fix the remainung issues I found, before PRing.

@Shine and @afedchin just wondering if there's any chance still for this one?
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