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WIP Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
(2015-09-01, 17:02)Shine Wrote: Here's an always-on-top build based on Isengard-3d763c9 (20150831) and DX11-0a71ba7 (20150827). Untested because I'm at work right now...

Known issue: Kodi might freeze when a competing always-on-top window pops up behind Kodi. As promised, I will PR once I find the time to work around this issue.

Edit: For those who didn't find it, Always-on-top is an option under System -> Video output. Default is disabled, so you have to enable it manually.
I have used your build with fullscreen-enabled but without Always-on-top Smile, and it works very nicely on my Windows 10 (Zotac ZBox BI320 - 2957U). Kodi still has the known bug of not being able to seek backwards when playing movies, and that subtitles are place inside the video-frame instead of below.

Btw. when I perform remote desktop and the main user running kodi becomes "disconnected", then Kodi takes 100% CPU of a single core (Confluence Theme, No RSS feed, optimized dirty-regions, with and without screensaver). Tried installing official 15.2 RC1, and no problems there.
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