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thanks guys,
ok, rgb is in any case the "right setting". best method is full rgb in catalyst + limited in application (if color room of tv is limited), 2nd best option is studio rgb within driver (works for all apps). thanks for clarify!

i just tested these settings but this definitely not work as it should (tested with that flashing lights video). because my hardware is nearly the same like bossanovas i think the culprint is driver (i use last whql 15.7.1) and not kodi. i will test crimson next weekend befor posting logs here. there is one thing i am not sure if i understand this correctly:

in catalyst there is setting "pixel format" and another setting "color room". if you uncheck "color room" that means catalyst chooses automaticaly the "right" color room depending on choosen pixel format? if yes, that means setting combination "full rgb + force limited color room" does exactly the same like combination "studio rgb + uncheck color room"? is this right?

edit: i am not sure if my observations really not fit to observations of bossanova. the difference is i need limited for tv and bossanava "full", right?. ok, one thing i noticed was if i choose "full rgb" and set kodi to limited, the kodi gui turns to the "right" color but not the video (cant see anyone of that flashing lights). exactly the same with ycbr 4:4:4 (full) + limited in kodi.
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