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WIP Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
(2015-12-18, 00:07)_Shorty Wrote: I'm confused. Why does it seem as though some of the devs are completely unaware of the difference between full range (0-255) and limited range (16-235) and how video looks when the proper one isn't being used? If you are calibrated for black == 0 and you play something using software that is using black == 16 it is *incredibly* obvious that something is wrong. The "black" you are seeing in that case is a very noticeable grey that is nowhere near your calibrated black. It is impossible to mistake it for anything else, as the grey you are seeing is much brighter than the black you should be seeing. We are being asked questions about our systems, and our drivers, all kinds of details that are practically irrelevant when the problem is clearly 0-255 / 16-235 not being handled properly in Kodi itself.

Kodi v16 / DX11 output does not have the correct output regarding this dynamic range. Plain and simple. I thought this was already established and was in fact a known issue that needed to be fixed. Why are we being asked questions as if this were a new and unknown issue with an unknown cause?
If this "Plain and simple" then just fix it by yourself, prepare a PR and we will merge it. Is is ok for you?
If I ask more details it means I need this. If you don't want to help, just do not post in this thread.

I need to collect more details for different hardware. I don't wanna fix this for one vendor and break for others.
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