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WIP Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
(2015-12-19, 09:25)_Shorty Wrote: Win7 32-bit w/ Nvidia GTX 480 (edit2: Updated to the latest 390.06 drivers, no change in behaviour. edit1: Haven't touched drivers in a while, 350.12 currently installed.)
video output full RGB
Kodi set for full range output, and calibrated that way
DXVA enabled
black levels incorrect, too bright
Make sure what you have right driver settings in AMD Catalyst Control Center. Seems your setting are wrong. Follow this guide 192225 (thread)

(2015-12-20, 15:53)Ed76 Wrote: just tested this version the same way as i described above. but i get the same wrong color room, same behavior like the old 15.2 dx11 version.
Also make sure what you have correct driver settings. Follow this guide 192225 (thread)

(2015-12-20, 21:05)crown08 Wrote: Good afternoon,

I have a diferent crash on startup with this test version. When I use only one card Kodi works but with AMD dual graphics active don't work.

only crash with the DX11 version, with normal Isengard DX9 work well

Windows 10 64-Bit
AMD dual graphics activate with AMD Radeon HD 8650D + R7 240
Last AMD drivers Catalyst Software Suite 15.7.1

Debug Log

DMP file

As I said before. Just set single graphic card for Kodi only. Kodi doesn't require dual graphics.
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