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(2015-12-29, 23:13)liquidskin76 Wrote: http://pastebin.com/HL6G21AS

Hopefully you can find the bug and fix Smile

Also, just confirming... with hardware based 3D (Intel Stereo Driver), with 3840x1080 full sbs, I should be getting the full 1080p 3D resolution (via frame packing), and not half sbs as with kodi sbs 3D setting?

Many thanks
Need to provide a Debug Log. Your log is not debug.
yes, you get the full 3D resolution.

(2015-12-30, 02:24)phate89 Wrote: Tried the new build and it works as it should (at least with desktop rgb full, kod i limited and TV limited), thanks
I have a question about your changes on dxva render. One of the missing feature of dxva render is the support for handling rotation. A video could have an orientation and kodi supports it in pixel shader and software. Dxva does not.did your work makes it easier to get?
Working on it.
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