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(2016-01-15, 17:36)afedchin Wrote: Latest Kodi doesn't apply color corection in dxva processing it does that in post processing stage. But seems your drivers for dx11 ignores what Kodi requires don't touch color range during dxva processing. With enabled Use limited colors setting in Kodi this causes a double color correction in dxva processing (in drivers which is wrong) and then in post processing (in Kodi). If Use limited colors is disabled then drivers still apply color correction in dxva processing stage, but Kodi doesn't do color correction in post post-processing stage and you get correct video brightness. This bug doesn't affect Kodi 15.2 and madVR because both of them use DirectX9 API.

I'll try a last try to solve this driver bug. Stay tuned for news. But I'm promise nothing.

hi afedchin
any news on this? i guess its not possible to solve this driver bug for ati hardware. because the colors and black/white looks a little better with full rgb output i have a suggestion/ feature request to get this working for ati card:

if its possible you can add a setting in "advanced options / advanced settings.xml" that does the following: only if "limited color room" within kodi is activated do the following: limit color room for everything where it is needed (gui, picture viewer ...) but not for video. these setting would more or less simulate the behaviour of last kodi 15.2_dx11 build from november. that way we would turn the bug from kodi15.2_dx11 into a feature :-)
if you would do this this would have 2 advantages:

1) full rgb would work for ati hardware or other hardware with driver bug because you can limit the color room only for video within driver settings (means driver does it and not kodi and that works in every case)
2) there are external video players like html5-browser-player (netflix/amazon) which have no settings/no possibility to limit the color room for videos. these players also only work with full rgb if you can limit the color room within driver settings

would this be possible? thanks.
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