WIP Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
just tested the new version. i get more or less the same result as with the "old methode" of changing color range. means:

driver setting: output full rgb + automatic choise of video color range by application
kodi setting: limited range
result for video: full rgb output

change driver settings to: output full rgb + force limited color range for video
kodi setting: limited range
result for video: limited range, all seems to be good

but there was a big problem in gui presentation. all the black backgrounds/backdrops (e.g. behind the fonts in confluence skin) are missing. also the gui seems a little to bright to me, but iam not 100% sure. i should better test this in the evening again (if the room is a little darker). are you aware of that (because its a test version)? if you want i can make a picture.

yesterday i also had a look into driver settings. i changend 2 things but without succes regarding color range. i think there are absolutly no settings that can influence the wrong behavior on changing color range with the new method.
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