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WIP Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
(2016-02-27, 21:28)phate89 Wrote: @Ed76 i don't understand the strange part about 2) with kodi final. The goal of calibration is to see only blinking bars from 17.
The calibration video has limited color. You know it's well calibrated if you see only 17 and after blink

i am not sure:

1) colors,especially blacks, dont look good in "real" videos/tv with this setting.
2) manual: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8968...Manual.pdf

"To get an idea how the pattern works, begin by setting black-level very high. With black-level set high you should see how the pattern contains a number of vertical bars flashing over a dark background. When turning down black-level the lower numbered bars will begin to disappear into the background. To get the darkest black possible, without losing information, you want to turn down black-level to the lowest setting where 17 remains flashing."

as far as i understand if you set the brightnes of tv very high, you must be able to see all flashing bars (see picture in manual). then lower brightness of tv till 17 bars blinking (50% for my tv). with 2) i never see any bar <17 (also with 100% brightness of tv).
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