Getting T9 to work on my remote
Hi there!

I have the remote Imon Pad. I'm trying to have my Imon Pad remote work as a T9 keyboard when I use the numeric keys, in Kodi's virtual keyboard.
At first, in the virtual keyboard, the remote's numeric keys were generating the Azerty layout's unshifted keys : &é"'(-è_çà.

To fix this, I used the Kodi method explained here :
After following these instructions, there is some progress... it works only on SOME numeric keys (2,7,9 and 0), not on all keys.
So this Wiki page didn't solve my problem.
Thanks for any tips...

Without more details there is no way to know why this doesn't work. I can tell you that the wiki instructions still work for the remotes I have tested with.
Hi Ned, thanks for your reply. Yes I'm sure this Wiki page has helped most people. I find it weird it works only partly on my remote.

So here are some more info on my system:
- HTPC running Windows 7 SP1 64 bits
- Intel Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10Ghz
- Ram : 4Gb
- Remote : Imon Pad with Imon Manager's latest version.
- In Imon Manager, it is possible to map keys per application. There is one setting file for Kodi, another fro Windows media Center, another for VLC, etc.

One thing I noticed : in Imon, the numeric keys have been setup for WMC. This comes with the installation of Imon Manager. If I want to modify this setup, it is not possible as I can't setup the remote's numeric buttons through Imon Manager.
For Kodi, the options is a custom file that I built myself. The numeric keys are not setup for this custom file, and it isn't possible to set them up...
Edit: I just did a test. In the WMC option file, I de-activated the "1" assignation. Then I started WMC and in its virtual keyboard, T9 was still working on the "1" button. So setting up these numeric buttons for Kodi through Imon Manager wouldn't fix my problem...
Solved!! It's all explained in my blog !! Smile
This should be put on our wiki where in the future people would actually find it.
Exactly! I sent a request for the WIKI.
And voilà! Done! I upadted the WIKI page and also my blog page!!! Long live me!
Awesome! Thanks for the addition.

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Getting T9 to work on my remote0
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