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Port XBMC to PS3 (PlayStation 3) to run on Linux ("Other OS") or natively on GameOS?
[email protected] Wrote:http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=9287

Please search

That discussion is two years old..although I did add to it myself at the end recently Wink

I'd love to see something like XBMC on PS3. I think it'd offer a lot for any developer too - asides from functionality improvement due to hardware, really anyone with a PS3 could potentially use the software which is BIG in terms of audience exposure. No mod chips would be required.

I do understand the developers point about the portability of its code, and its existing dependencies, but they had to start somewhere with XBMC at one point, and I think there'd be a big big opportunity here if they were willing to make another new start, incorporating their experience from XBMC. So I don't know if we should be thinking so much of a port of XBMC, but a new project aimed at the different hardware.

I'm guessing someone else will do it if the guys behind XBMC don't, but again I think the opportunity here is huge, and they'd have a leg up over virtually anyone else given their experience. I can't see how this wouldn't be attractive given the mix of hardware and apparent openess and accessibility for the userbase.
Lexter is right. I've already seen on other forums people stating "something like XBMC will come along very soon on PS3 Linux" and... yes, to think of all the potential here being wasted in that regard would be... just... you know, a little bit of a shame, really.
I don't see why it wouldn't happen. If there are no restrictions on the linux, then I don't see why someone wouldn't take advantage of it. All I would care to see is some form of the media center. Myth TV is obviously an option but that's one ugly app.
"I don't see why it wouldn't happen" - meant to say I don't see why it wouldn't even be considered
dmex Wrote:I find it laughable the xbmc team would wait for either Microsoft (lol) or another team to crack the 360 security before considering official development on another platform even though there will be alternatives.
I'm sure even morbo would be pleased.

I think an attitude like that is pretty laughable. I came here with the same question in mind - but there's no way I would have asked the same way you asked.

Maybe after XBMC 3.0 the developers might start to look at the future (and hey who knows, maybe they will even come up with their own system instead... hint, hint). But as the PS3 does run Linux (ethier well or badly depending on your perspective), there are plenty of other PVR and media center type alternatives that you could use.

Heck, maybe someone might even make a new one, just for the PS3. It would be nice if the PS3 did run XBMC, but as has been pointed out, not everyone has got $600 a time to throw around.... Although I am pretty sure there are enough XBMC fans who would club together to get them some new 'development' machines - if they asked for donations.

If something like that on on digg, there would probably be a metdown.

But anyway, I support these guys 100% whatever they decide to do!
raid517 Wrote:Maybe after XBMC 3.0 the developers might start to look at the future (and hey who knows, maybe they will even come up with their own system instead... hint, hint). But as the PS3 does run Linux (ethier well or badly depending on your perspective), there are plenty of other PVR and media center type alternatives that you could use.

What alternatives? I've only seen one or two others besides MythTV and none of them look as polished as XBMC
There are alterantives if you look. They may not be XBMC - but unless you plan on twisting the developer's arms - or doing it yourself, you will simply have to be patient and make do with what you can have.

Maybe they will do it, but but hoping that maybe they will give into pressure to do it, is I think very unrealistic.

I guess if you have $600 to buy each of the developers a new PS3, you might be in with a shout - but even then it may not be all that easy a task.
even more likely if you just gave each of the devs 600.00 Wink
Time to move XBMC over to the PS3! Sony is allowing Yellow Dog Linux to be installed on a PS3:

Are you slow?

i have a feeling i have been fooled, but if anyone could help?
Note the date on the post :p
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Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.

The change in fonts for system information is also quite amusing along with the c&p photoshop gfx Smile

Wonder if thats a blu-ray disc playing? Wink
Now I know that this discussion belongs on the future (and not even in the near future) but please bear with me.

Background: For those who do not know this, the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) game-console does support Linux, but the PS3 only supports running Linux under a 'sandbox' enviroment controller by a hypervisor (which makes the sandbox function like a virtual machine), and Sony has limited the hardware access in this sandbox, in perticular it has completly removed 3D hardware acceleration support and low-level access for the GPU, restricting it to 2D graphics only, which messes things up for any XBMC porting atempts. There might however be a workaround...

I have started a new article called "Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding" in our WIKI, this article so far brings up a few possibilities on offload some portions of the video decoding process to the GPU. While researching this topic I stumbled onto compiler and runtime implementation called BrookGPU which uses GPGPU Technology to enable general purpose computations on a GPU. The interesting thing about BrookGPU in regards to the PS3 it that it can also simulate a virtual graphics card by itself. At the same time I read that the PS3 allows for developers to use Cg (C for graphics) programming-language, (and Cg is another method of GPGPU).

An alternative to BrookGPU is Lib Sh. Sh has been around for longer than BrookGPU but as of August 2006, the Sh library is no longer maintained (as the developers moved on to the RapidMind Development Platform). My guess it that Sh is probebely a simpler library to work with for developers but BrookGPU is more powerfull and more flexible.

The PS3 also supports OpenMAX, however I am not sure if that is supported under the 'sandbox' enviroment that Linux is allowed to run in. Would be great if it is as OpenMAX is a open standard API "that provides abstractions for routines especially useful for computer graphics, video, and sound". "The APIs OpenMAX provides allows faster porting of higher-level applications, such as media players, between different hardware platforms".

Any thoughts?

PS! An alternative to all of the above is to forget about the GPU hardware completly and run a OpenGL emulator on one (or two in paralell) of the PS3's SPUs, (a SPU is one of the 'cells' or 'cores' in the PPC-based Cell Processor that the PS3 have). After all the PS3 does have 6 of its 7 SPUs available even in the 'sandbox' enviroment that Linux runs under, so if we can have the emulator running alone on a dedicated SPU it might be enough as 3D hardware acceleration for XBMC GUI engine and rendering? ...I understand that Mesa includes a OpenGL-emulator?
my thoughts: requires way too much specific code for the platform.

if others provide the libraries needed we can start considering it. but implementing everything from scratch (we'd have to rewrite large parts of ffmpeg, we'd have to do a complete opengl implementation or alternatively a hacked sdl with hardware function support and still we would be limited by the stupid sw framebuffer of sony's) is not viable imo - in particular since none of us have any experience with the hardware involved.
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Port XBMC to PS3 (PlayStation 3) to run on Linux ("Other OS") or natively on GameOS?3
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