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Port XBMC to PS3 (PlayStation 3) to run on Linux ("Other OS") or natively on GameOS?
And I don't intend of paying that much for a ps3 Smile they are just too expensive when you can get a decent PC for less
Yeah, pretty much the equivalent of US$900 here, given the exchange rates currently.

It's some nice hardware, just as per usual it's rather restricted in usefulness at present.
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FFmpeg and MPlayer already support the PPC (PowerPC processor) arcitechture, including the Cell CPU in the PS3. So that at least should not be a huge problem.

...I am sure that someone else will port libSDL to the PS3 before too long (maybe within 6 to 12-months?)

Sony officially support Linux on the PS3 and they provide all the device drivers (with the only exceptions of 3D hardware acceration and GPU low-level access), see Terra Softs YDL (Yellow Dog Linux), there are also other Linux distrbutions for the PS3 already available:

PS3 patches for Linux and MythTV video playback (manages 720p native video):
well aware of sony's hype Tongue

atm the ffmpeg/mplayer support is weak at best. remember, the ps3 cpu is a PoS. meaning sdl wont ever perform well unless stuff are moved to the cells (which is what i meant with a hacked sdl version - sdl doesnt support any hw acceleration by itself). due to the sw framebuffer you're chewing up tons of bus bandwidth, that itself will limit things alot, even if you get full cell acceleration (you have to first blit the framebuffer from main memory into the dedicated gfx portions, then the rsx does its usual stuff, if i have understood this correctly.)

i'd love to play with cell's myself. but only if i got the workstation versions with double precision support.
Maybe this project; the "Equalizer" library could help to run multiple virtual-GPUs on the PS3s SPUs?

"Chromium" seems to be another similar project(?), but Equalizer seems to me like a better match(?)
Thanks for your fantastic work on the linux port.

I have installed Ubuntu on my PS3. Is it possible to compile and run XBMC on it ?
As long as you can get all the packages in README.linux installed, you should be able to at least compile it. Last time I tried (YDL not Ubuntu) there were some missing SDL packages. Of course how well it will run is a whole different story given that there is only framebuffer support on the PS3 and accelerated GL is only a distant possibility. Until then, I don't foresee XBMC running in all its glory on the PS3. Mesa, I heard is considering writing a software implementation that takes advantage of the cell. If that turns out to be fast enough then there might be more hope.
its not just the CPU thats ass, its actual GPU also... EVERYTHING is done on the cells, and the only reason anything looks good, or runs good on the ps3 is because of the vast amount of multi-processing it can do... otherwise, you could get a better pc for around half the price.
OpenGL 1.5 is not enough to hardware accelerate all effects in XBMC, is it?
...if it was/is then maybe this VMGL library could be run on one of the cells?

Maybe it can be combined with Equalizer or Chromium for more of a boost?
If this were to happen, I would buy a PS3 in a heart beat. The Cell processor could play any of the 1080p content flawlessly.

Hey Grand, any tutorials etc. that you reccomend for Ubuntu on PS3?
Also... Wouldn't it be easier for developers to code for uniform hardware as opposed to dealing with all kinds of random hardware/configration problems that people will have with their "environment"? (If I am wrong please let me know, it just seems logical)

It´s easy to install ubuntu on a PS3.

that's the ultimate goal of the devs,
but right now, there are more important things to be done than full compatibility..
Is there no problem with accessing the video processor on the PS3? I thought that was a major hang-up.
who needs hardware support?

Just let the processor take that job for ya
(I think the PS3 is more than capable Tongue)

Only question is; is it possible for the CPU to perform those tasks?
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Port XBMC to PS3 (PlayStation 3) to run on Linux ("Other OS") or natively on GameOS?3
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