Android OUYA problem on installing Parsing
Hi there,
Using the latest nightly arm gives an error installing on the OUYA: "there was a problem parsing the package".
This is a new error for me, what could it be?
this error is still going on on the latest nightly, some kind person knows something?
Well Ouya has only API 16 and we need API 17 now. So Ouya is out of support for 15.0
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Thank you
Can we do something about it?
Inform them or update ourselves?
Thank you Koying,
its time now to look for another box, too bad i really like Ouya for its simplicity and games for the kid.
The OUYA is updatable to other Android-based OSes. It actually runs better with some of the other ROMs out there. I plan on writing a wiki page that describes the different options. The OUYA hardware is fine, and it's only the OS that is outdated.
Ok Ned i wait for your wiki. Thank you.
Plus 1 on waiting for wiki Smile
Thanks Ned
Some stuff to hold people over:

Android TV builds show promise, and I would follow the developments on this thread. However, don't install it just yet, because there are some video issues currently:

CM (Android 4.4): (this is the one I plan on trying today)
I think I installed CM 11 on my OUYA, but I must have messed something up because all I see is the CM boot animation and then nothing. I'll try it again in the morning since the display I'm using might be the issue (android devices typically don't like this DVI monitor, for some reason).

In any case, the process wasn't too bad. It's not well documented from start to finish, but hopefully I can change that :)
Got it working. CM11 runs very well on the OUYA, and everything seems to be working, like ethernet, wifi, USB. Kodi v15 nightly builds run great on it.

The instructions can be very hard to follow if you've never done something like this before. I've done some of that stuff, and it took me a while to fully understand what was going on, and you need to know before hand so you don't brick the box ;)

Still, I think the instructions can be simplified and I will work on a guide this weekend.
More early notes: HOW-TO:Install CyanogenMod on OUYA (wiki)

It's going to be a challenge to make this noob-friendly. I think a lot of it could possibly be automated in a script, though.
It looks like most of this can be scripted. I don't really know much about that kind of stuff, but I'm looking at how it is done in some of the existing scripts, and I believe it shouldn't be too hard to script most, if not all, of the process of installing CM 11 (or any other ROM).

I'll visit the XDA forums and ask those guys. They're probably much more knowledgeable about this than I.
Great Ned.
Why they want to remove 25%(i think) of people who uses OUYA, by not upgrading the os, is oblivious to me.

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