Kodibuntu disk spin-down
Recently got Kodibuntu working on a little desktop pc, working great so far.
However, I notice that the external HDD I have plugged in never seems to spin down.
On Windows, this happens after about 10 minutes of inactivity.

I have no add-ons except the defaults that come with Kodibuntu, and no settings that would appear to keep a drive awake.
Oddly enough, I can force the drive to sleep with a command:
sudo hdparm -y /dev/sdf1

This immediately causes the drive to spin-down, but also gives an error:
issuing standby command
HDIO_DRIVE_CMD(standby) failed: Invalid argument
Once asleep, the drive says that way until I cause drive activity by playing a movie.

Any ideas on how to get an automatic spin-down working? Don't like the idea of the drive being active for days at a time, and I would rather not have the entire system go to sleep, as I'm also using it as a home file server.
try hdparm -B 70 /dev/sdf1

any number <=127 will allow the drive to sleep. lower numbers mean faster sleep times. Don't set it too low though.
The error is because you're specifying a partition (sdf1) instead of the drive (sdf).
Tried the above command and got a similar error I receive on the manual spin-down.
Also tried hdparm -S 120 /dev/sdf1, met with the same error.

But just as I am typing this, I see the drive has just spun down!
Not sure which command did the trick, but thanks!
Like I said... you're specifying a partition instead of a drive. Don't use /dev/sdf1, use /dev/sdf.
ah yes, good catch naloj
Btw. if the format is extX it will wakeup within 5 seconds. You need to tune laptop_mode in order to get it sleeping for longer.
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