Resolution/screen position different after boot vs. input change?
I recent just changed out my main HTPC with Zotac Zbox AD12, and the little engine that could is performing great!

The only issues is on first boot the display is perfectly aligned with the TV boarders, the problem is if I change inputs (to watch cable or something) and change it back the picture is outside of the boarders and I need to use “video calibration” to correct the problem.

Normally that would be fine, but when I reboot the box it returns to its original size, so now because of the calibration correction the picture is too far in?

It’s a game of cat and mouse I can’t seem to win. Any ideas what would cause it to refresh on input change and is there a way to lock it to a specific resolution/size?

Had a similar issue with my setup and found setting the TV aspect ratio from 16:9 to just scan (samsung TV) fixed the issue
ayup, there's your problem... haha

Thanks wozza,

for anyone else having the same issue... for Toshiba, set it to Native
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Resolution/screen position different after boot vs. input change?00