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Develop PVR addons with new cmake build system

Thanks, I changed to kodi/libXBMC_codec.h and both pvr.hts and pvr.vdr.vnsi builds perfect. Edit: without any manually set include paths.

Your pvr.hts repo is missing xbmc_codec_descriptor.hpp (I checked, Kodi 15.0a1 doesn't install it with the other headers nor kodi-platform).
yes, there has been back and forth. in my tree it's part of the addon bindings, but upstream prefers to dupe. sorry, forgot about that little detail Smile

Might be a minor but I noticed (while packaging) that there are no licenses at the root of each addon's repo.
not a minor at all, but that's up to the authors to add.
(2015-03-03, 10:41)ironic_monkey Wrote: 1) don't set any include paths (i get that it's a test)
2) pvr.hts master is broken - it shall include kodi/libXBMC_codec.h not libXBMC_codec.h - naughty hudo Wink in the mean time you can build mine; https://github.com/notspiff/pvr.hts

No, naughty Sascha! Rofl

https://github.com/Montellese/pvr.hts/bl...or.hpp#L23 and https://github.com/Montellese/pvr.hts/bl...er.cpp#L35

I'm sure I screwed something during migration but source files were (mostly) a drag and drop task. I wonder how it compiled during jenkins tests...

btw, your repo doesn't have xbmc_codec_descriptor.hpp. Should that file be dropped from hts repo?


Someone (don't remember who) said that xbmc_codec_descriptor.hpp shouldn't be part of Kodi but should live in the PVR addons that use it (IIRC there are two PVR addons that use it) so I put it in there. No idea how that ever compiled with that include path Cool
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opdenkamp wanted to dupe.

just so everybody got the history right: i created all the addons. they were then refined while upstream added multiplatform versions of my concepts for building things. thus, mine lack some of those refinements.
@FernetMenta. you might want to update the OP. Symlinking is not needed anymore, you can point to a local addon repo in two ways now:
* -DADDON_SRC_PREFIX=/path/to/addon_parent_dir
* using a file:// URL pointing to a local directory in the addon definition file.

Works great, thanks!
The steps for Windows have a small bug, it should be


instead of


Note the added citation marks. Without these the step fails immediately with something like "cannot find bla\bla\addons\.demo".

Thanks for the guide, I'm working my way through it right now, will post back if I find any other issues.
thanks! I will update the first post.
Steps for linux development are fairly easy:

$ cd /home/hudo/dev/ws_kodi/pvr.demo/
$ mkdir build/
$ cd build/
$ cmake -DADDONS_TO_BUILD=pvr.demo -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DADDON_SRC_PREFIX=/home/hudo/dev/ws_kodi -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/hudo/dev/tmp/share/kodi/addons -DPACKAGE_ZIP=1 /home/hudo/dev/ws_kodi/kodi/project/cmake/addons
$ cd ..
$ make -j4 -C build/

Didn't test windows.
@Montellese your .bat script seems to work fine, mind PRing it?
Could someone explain how I can get header files to show up in the generated Visual Studio projects? At the moment only the .cpp files are present.
just add them to the SOURCES variable. see e.g. pvr.mediaportal.tvserver, https://github.com/kodi-pvr/pvr.mediapor...ver/pull/2
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