PVR addons move to new repository!
How will this work for new pvr add-ons? I believe before you just forked opdenkamp/xbmc-pvr-addons and then submitted a PR with your new add-on added. So now, would be the process to get new add-ons added to the kodi-pvr organisation?
For new add-ons, same as before except the initial PR.
Write your add-on, test it, iron out bugs and ping one of us so we can add your add-on to kodi-pvr.

After the initial process it works much the same as before. Code some awesome feature, fix a bug, PR and we'll review it and push to master when it's ready.

Really, nothing changed except PVR add-ons now have their own individual repo and are much easier to maintain.
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The ArgusTV PVR addon has been stable for a very long period. That is a good thing as my daytime job keeps me busy enough already :-)

However, in the blink of an eye a lot of things have changed with respect to the repo organisation, build environment, and the ideas and motivations behind it all.

No problem, we move with the times.

I was able to get the out-of-tree build working more easily than I expected after first reading through all the posts. Although I must confess that I have only done this on my Linux development environment so far. Windows seems to be a challenge in itself.

I have a few questions left:
  • Write access, do I as addon author get write access to the new repo so that I can merge PR's from other dev's that want to contribute?
  • API changes, do I need to actively monitor changes to the PVR API or can I subscribe to a mailing list where they are communicated? And is it up to me now to implement these asap?
  • Notifications, in the past a steady stream of mail from the repo of Lars (Op den Kamp) would trickle in. This allowed me to skim them for items that might be more or less relevant for the ArgusTV addon and act when needed. What is the best way of keeping in touch with changes in the new environment?

Thanks for all your efforts guys.
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