Bug Kodi freezes when ff/skipping to the end of the timeshift buffer

first of all the new pvr plugin works very good in combination with kodi 14.1 but I'm experienc stability problems when ff/skipping to the end/beginning of the timeshift buffer.

Steps to reproduce:

1) start live TV
2) press pause an wait ~30 seconds
3) press play
4) fast forward until the picture freezes

from here on live tv doesnt work anymore. I can return to the menu by pressing the stop button (works with a few seconds lag)

LiveTV is unavailable until I restart TVheadend server (trying to play a new channel without restarting only shows "working....." for about 20 seconds)

My system specs:

Ubuntu 12.02 64bit
TVheadend Tvheadend 3.9.2509~ga50f74c

Windows 7 64bit, Kodi 14.1, pvr-plugin v0.9.8

log files:
server log
windows client log

If i could provide any other usefull information please let me know.

Thanks in advance Monchi

P.s.: Beside the stability issues TVheadend is greate piece of software! (for sure both server and client plugin are development versions Tongue)
I am seeing exactly the same problem on the following system:

openelec 5.0.2
tvheadend 3.9.2506~g1bd1564 compiled as an openelec addon
addons pvr-tvh 0.9.8 or pvr-hts 1.9.40 (bug is not dependent on the choice of addon)
client and server running on the same box

I am also seeing more general timeshift instability (long freezes), but the issue reported here is the most easy to reproduce. It does not seem to depend on any of the timeshift configuration settings. I am happy to help test under openelec, I have functional build environments for both tvheadend and the pvr plugins.
can anyone else confirm this issue? Or did anyone got it working (stable skipping, ff)?

I can confirm this issue on my setup.

openelec 5.0.2 (pvr-tvh 0.9.8)

tvheadend 3.9 g50016a1 (via satip)

I also have to restart the tvheadend daemon in case of freeze (use timeshift and forward to the end of the buffer) on cleint-side to get back live-tv.

Kodi & Tvheadend
I don't have a solution for this problem but a workaround:

Set "Max. RAM size" to zero. This prevents the crash while ff to the end of the buffer
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